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Special Constructions

Constructions which are characterized by adjustability and variability depending on custom –made demands.

The prefabricated, of patented design, metal shading systems of PERFECT SHADE and the repetitive undertaking and successful implementation of the most challenging projects of its operational sector, placed the company ahead of the competition. PERFECT SHADE is a recognizable and outstanding brand name, being established as the greatest Hellenic company in the field of production and trading of shading systems.

Comparative advantage of our systems is the adaptability and versatility, depending on specific requirements, technical specifications, planning restrictions and particularities of each project, with due regard to safety rules, constructional perfection and high aesthetics.

In this context, our portfolio of projects includes a variety of distinguished, specialized structures, as a result of our scientific, technical and static reports by our experienced specialists.

A one – piece net is placed to opposite structures, without gaps or additions that ruin the structure’s appearance. Such constructions are ideal for the maximal protection of wide, external spaces of a variety of commercial uses involving the shading of large vehicles, boats, merchandise e.t.c..

Sizeable constructions in tunnel setting, for the shading of customs premises e.t.c..

Sail formed, of innovative design, shading systems ideal for the protection of swimming pools, playgrounds and other differentiated applications.

PERFECT SHADE, utilizing its constantly evolving knowhow, its innovative approach and commitment to customer’s satisfaction suggests the most ideal and integrated solution for the type of shading system you wish to acquire.