PERFECT SHADE SA participation at BAU 2019, the largest International Exhibition in Architecture, Building Materials and Systems, held from 14th to 19th January 2019, at “Messe München” Exhibition Center, was successfully completed.

The numerous visitors of our stand including construction companies, professionals and private customers and the substantial interest they showed in our products and services, made our first participation in BAU exhibition, worthwhile.

During the exhibition, our company had the opportunity to present its wide range of products concerning preconstructed steel shade and hail protection systems, accompanied by all required certifications of manufacturing excellence and quality, characterized also, by high aesthetics. PERFECT SHADE’s distinguished international clientele has contributed to the excellent welcome received by the BAU audience.

Visitors also had the chance to get acquainted with all available technical solutions and cutting-edge products that will soon be enlisted in our product range, as PERFECT SHADE SA stays tuned with any innovation, E.U. directive and new trends in its operational field.

Technical Features

The patented design for adjustability and ergonomics, the galvanization process for optimal structural strength, the relevant static study that ensures their long-lasting performance and durability in extreme weather conditions are only a few of the construction benefits of PERFECT SHADE’s shading systems.

The net of polyethylene that presents the highest shading rates based on the strictest European standards for construction and fire protection, the innovation in design with modular shoring for conditions of extreme snowfall, the sectional structure for ultimate usability, the differentiated installation method without foundation, the tunnel and the back-to-back types for multiple uses and specialized applications, mark the unique features of our systems.

The benefits both for the private customer and for the company which aims to enhance its marketability and operation for its own clientele, are even more.

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  • Absolute exterior protection on cars, boats and other valuable assets.
  • Extension of life of the interior and the exterior surfaces of the car.
  • Safety and protection from wind, sun, hail and harmful UV rays.
  • Unique resistance in heavy snowfall conditions and all extreme weather phenomena.
  • Excellent fire safety rating, in compliance with the current E.U. fire standards and regulations.
  • Protection from bird –droppings.
  • Protection from tree resin and detergents.
  • Uniqueness in design and customization at your space.
  • Optimum quality due to the state –of -the -art production techniques.
  • High aesthetics due to the most qualitative construction materials.

PERFECT SHADE’s shade and hail protection systems involve light metallic, pre-constructed systems of patented design.

The qualitative features of our materials ensure the systems’ durability and performance over time.

The frames of our systems are of hot-dip galvanized iron and aluminum ensuring complete protection from oxidizing factors or of any wear and tear as time lapses even under the worst weather conditions.

The beam fasteners of the pipes are made of aluminum alloy enhancing the flexibility of the system.




10 years of collaboration with LIDL S.A.
Masoutis S.A.

Masoutis S.A.

8 years of collaboration with MASOUTIS S.A.


Through its advanced, industrial production line, its extensive network of dealers and salespersons, the highly trained, technical crews of its specialized personnel and its associates abroad, PERFECT SHADE achieves the immediate and integrated correspondence to customer’s needs throughout the Greek territory and to international markets, developing an extensive export & trading activity in more than 13 countries.

Selectively, we mention the following: USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus, China, Bahrain, Australia, New Zealand.

More than 200 branches of the most distinguished Super Market chains, selected our systems against competition.