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Twin-pole, one-sided construction, with sloping roof view. This type of system is suitable for the protection and total coverage of storage areas of all sizes and for demanding commercial and industrial constructions.


  • The roof type just like all types of our shading systems is based on a scientific, static report regarding its endurance under conditions of heavy snowfall and extreme wind charges.
  • An additional, supportive brace strut that is hanging underneath each base pole and can be released under extreme snowfall conditions offers extra support to the construction.
  • The metal parts of our systems are warm/hot dip galvanized (galvanization thickness 0,75) –  offering incomparable resistance and endurance to the whole construction.
  • The beam fasteners of the pipes from alloyed aluminum casting, offer elasticity and flexibility to the whole structure.
  • Certified anti-seismic behavior.

Net material

Our high density polyethylene net is of excellent quality, produced under special, strict specifications with complete anti – thermal protection up to 96% shading factor and up to 94% UVA – UVB protection.

It provides protection from sun, hail and extreme weather conditions. It does not fade from the sun rays and offers complete anti-thermal protection to the outside and inside car spacing. It prevents color fading.

You can also select a waterproof net of P.V.C. or black-out type. In such case, the static report regarding the speed of the wind is not applicable.

The high density, polyethylene, shading net material is manufactured by special weaving and processing, in order to achieve UV and memory. Its excellent specifications make it ideal for the following reasons:

  • It minimizes the Greenhouse effect adverse consequences since under our constructions there is a difference in temperature between 5oC – 8oC.
  • It increases the construction’s durability against time passing and windy conditions.
  • Our polyethylene, high density net, is in compliance with the European Fire Standard: DIN EN. 13501-1 regarding its reaction to fire. That means that in case of a fire, the net does reacts as an inflammable material thus, the flames do not transmit in the surrounding area.

Application: Shed for cars and boats Read more


Materials: γαλβανισμένα εν θερμώ μεταλλικά μέρη, συνδετήρες σωλήνων από χυτό κράμα αλουμινίου, χαλύβδινη κολώνα βάσεως ενίσχυσης οροφής, πλέγμα σκίασης από πολυαιθυλένιο σε πέντε χρώματα: μπεζ, μπλε, πράσινο, ασημί & κεραμιδί